[dx9-20] RenderTarget support

Oliver Stieber oliver_stieber at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jan 8 13:53:12 CST 2005

 --- Ann and Jason Edmeades
<us at the-edmeades.demon.co.uk> wrote: 
> This clears out the next blocking part of the d3d9 /
> wined3d support and has
> been a real pain to implement. I think I've got it
> right now, and it adds
> support for render targets but more importantly the
> beginnings of a front
> and back buffer which lots of the code relied upon.
> Unfortunately I couldn't get this next step any
> smaller than the patch
> attached....
> Major areas still to go - textures and pixel /
> vertex shader support. I'm
> moving onto the textures next...
> Changelog
> Add render target support, and ensure there is a
> front and back buffer
> created during device creation
> Jason
Hi, I've just done more-or-less exactly the same this
weekend with a couple of differences.

I've merged all the creation surface code into a
single createSurface function that is called with
different parameters/flags to create a backbuffer,
PlainOffscreenSurface or rendertarget etc...

This should mean that you only require one call-back
function for CreateDevice in WineD3D.

I'll merge your patch with what I've got and see how
it goes.

As soon as I'm happy with how wine's and directX work
I can stop duplicating what you've done and start
moving onto a more co-operative development, or moving
DirectX8 over to using WineD3d.

So far I can run Pirates! and a few of the demos from
http://www.codesampler.com/dx9src.htm, but without

Pirates uses DirectX 9c but doesn't do anything too
fancy and runs without crashing so it seems good for

Many of the demos at
http://www.codesampler.com/dx9src.htm have OpenGL
versions and since I don't know OpenGL or DirectX (but
can hack a good Dos demo) it seemed a good place to start.

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