[LOSTWAGES] Add regedit janitorial project

Mike McCormack mike at codeweavers.com
Mon Jan 10 01:46:16 CST 2005

Michael Stefaniuc wrote:

>> Regedit lacks a few features. We need to improve regedit to:
>>     * Allow display and editting of binary (REG_BINARY) values.
>>     * Allow display and editting of multi-string (REG_SZ_MULTI) values.
>>     * Import registry files regerated by Windows 2000 regedit
> Are you sure this is a janitorial project? It sounds to me more like a 
> normal development work and not janitorial. It would better fit into 
> "tasks" or the "todo" lists.

Well, it seems pretty easy and light-weight.  It's not exactly 
janitorial, but it's an entry-level task, as opposed to the heavy duty 
stuff in "Fun Projects" and goal oriented stuff in Tasks.

The people who I want to find it will be looking in "Janitorial".  I'm 
trying to create a list of stuff that people can pick up and do in a few 
days, and keep it updated.  Janitorial seems to be the appropriate place 
for that - in that it shares knowledge of stuff that needs to be done 
that is relatively self contained and/or easy with newcomers to the 
project so that people who are motivated can find something to do.


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