comctl32.dll and commctrl.dll

Mike Hearn mh at
Mon Jan 10 09:08:11 CST 2005

On Mon, 10 Jan 2005 11:11:01 +0100, Dripple wrote:
> I do agree with you... The point is I'd love to write a how-to run this 
> app without any windiws license. Which does not mean I do not have a 
> legal license here... ;-)

Ideally what we need is not more HOWTOs, but rather to fix the bugs in our
widget toolkit so you don't need to do anything special, it should just

comctl32 is *really* close these days. I hardly ever run with native
anymore, sure there are bugs and the rebar control is pretty b0rked, and I
guess Rob needs to go look at the toolbar regression before we get dragged
back to COM work but these days it's so nearly there!

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