Switching to winecfg

Mike Hearn mh at codeweavers.com
Mon Jan 10 09:57:21 CST 2005

On Sat, 08 Jan 2005 06:05:20 +0200, Crestez Leonard wrote:
> I don't think that this needs a complex migration process, all we need
> to do is save the wine config registry to $WINEPREFIX/config. If people
> want their config file back, wine can skip saving the configuration if
> it wasn't modified. This will allow comments to persist in the config
> file. Anyway, regedit is better than editing a config file.

I don't think we should overwrite the users config file, rather just
rename it to config.wine.unused or something and perform the migration
once. People can always look back at the config file to see what they had
that way.

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