wine alsa detection

Vincent Béron vberon at
Mon Jan 10 18:53:01 CST 2005

Le lun 10/01/2005 à 05:16, Joris Huizer a écrit :
> Hello,
> Today I switched back to alsa 0.9 (downgraded everything that had to do 
> with alsa 1.0 as far as I can tell) but still, alsa is detected as 
> available:
> checking alsa/asoundlib.h usability... yes
> checking alsa/asoundlib.h presence... yes
> checking for alsa/asoundlib.h... yes
> checking for snd_pcm_open in -lasound... yes
> And wine breaks when compiling wine alsa - then it does all the 
> compiling again as dependencies are assumed to be wrong -- finally 
> breaking again at the same place;
> Are you sure your configuration patch tests for those failing functions? 
> I attached a log of it failing with wine 0.9 - maybe you have to test 
> for some (all??) of those?

Did you apply the patch I sent yesterday? It's not in cvs yet, so you'll
need to apply it by hand on a fresh cvs checkout. Don't forget to
regenarate configure from via autoconf.


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