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Hiji hijinio at
Mon Jan 10 23:45:41 CST 2005

--- tony_lambregts at wrote:

> Hiji wrote:
> > Ah, but my friend, in the Wine-Users alias we
> > established that it should follow the trend of the
> > thread.  In this thread, I started the trend as a
> > "top-post".
> > 
> > So, I should ask you (in this specific thread),
> > "Please don't bottom-post." hehehe. ;)
> > 
> > About USB...  Isn't it working (at minimum) with
> > iTunes?
> That may be ok in wine users. But not so much wine
> devel...  PLEASE do _NOT_ top 
> post.
> You can do what you want. However aggravating the
> developers when you are asking 
> for help is not a good way to start things off.

Woah... Slow down there.  Who's aggravating who, and
who is starting things off?  I'm not new here (I may
lurk, but I do pop in), wasn't asking for help (I was
answering another person's question), and a little
humor never hurt anyone. ;)

Honestly, when someone makes a big deal out of whether
to "top post" or "bottom post", it makes no sense. 
(You might as well start nitpicking at how people do
their grammar.)  Two schools of thought and popularity
exist for each methodology; you'll find an equal
amount of people to backup each side.  (To paraphrase
what someone emailed me via the wine-users alias
thread, "This argument happens at least once a year.")

If you need to have people bottom-post... that's fine,
and let them know kindly.  If you've told them before,
and they've forgot, then please remind them.  But
don't go off and get Terminator on them (I'm not
speaking to you directly, but to the attitude in
general about top/bottom posting.) :)

I would understand if this thread was in the middle of
a long bottom-posting discussion.  But for Pete's
sake,  I answered someone's question, and here I am
now having to defend myself because I didn't
"bottom-posting".  (How the heck does this happen?  I
thought I was on the wine-devel alias - not the alias
for "Etiquette for Various Alias Cultures".)

I can guarantee you that right now someone reading
this thread is rolling their eyes because we are
arguing over something which shouldn't have to be
argued about. ;)

Now, take a deep breath, and let out a few laughs to


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