[AVIFIL32] question about ACMStream_fn[AddRef|Release] in acmstream.c

Paul Vriens Paul.Vriens at xs4all.nl
Tue Jan 11 10:18:34 CST 2005


during my code cleanup I came to acmstream.c and found the following:

static ULONG WINAPI ACMStream_fnAddRef(IAVIStream *iface)
  IAVIStreamImpl *This = (IAVIStreamImpl *)iface;
  TRACE("(%p) -> %ld\n", iface, This->ref + 1);
  /* also add reference to the nested stream */
  if (This->pStream != NULL)
  return ++(This->ref);

the AddRef can be cleaned up.
the Release however looks buggy:
static ULONG WINAPI ACMStream_fnRelease(IAVIStream* iface)
  IAVIStreamImpl *This = (IAVIStreamImpl *)iface;
  TRACE("(%p) -> %ld\n", iface, This->ref - 1);
  if (This->ref == 0) {
    /* destruct */

This means I have to do a Release twice before it actually goes into the
if statement, because the decrementing takes place at the end of the
Release function.

Can anybody confirm my finding.



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