[AVIFIL32] question about ACMStream_fn[AddRef|Release] in acmstream.c

Paul Vriens paul.vriens at xs4all.nl
Wed Jan 12 00:33:50 CST 2005

Hi Michael,

> I don't really know what you want to cleanup here, looks very clean to me.

The cleanup I'm currently working on is changing This->ref[++|--] and
friends into Interlocked * functions for thread safety (see Janitorial
page on WineHQ).

> You are right, the release method is buggy. the comparision must check
> against one instead of zero or the decrement in the return statement
> must be moved before this if-statement.
>   Michael Günnewig
I will create a patch for it and send it to wine-devel first, so at least
you could have a look after that. There is another place where I found the
same construct (ICMStream_fnRelease in icmstream.c).

After the above is fixed, I will continue my AddRef/Release code cleanup
on this dll.

One question remains though, what do I do with:

  /* also release reference to the nested stream */
  if (This->pStream != NULL)

should this be done regardless of the value of This->ref ?



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