Best DLLs to write conformance tests for?

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Wed Jan 12 12:20:05 CST 2005

> Well, there's still plenty of test cases that can be written for each 
> DLL.  Ideally we start from the bottom (ntdll, kernel, gdi, etc) with 
> our test cases so that we can fix code in the dlls and programs that 
> depend on those dlls.
> Following that line of thought, imagehlp (used by winedbg), cabinet 
> (used by msi and setupapi), wsock32 and crypt32 seem like good choices.

since most of the symbol (& debug information) part of imagehlp has been moved 
to dbghelp, I'd say dbghelp might be a better candidate than imagehlp
(and winedbg uses directly dbghelp, not imagehlp)

(it only remains in imagehlp the PE manipulation stuff, which is not really used 

regarding the others DLL, I'd back up Mike suggestion, adding the socket DLLs as 

Eric Pouech

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