[ck] Re: Threading issues? [ck-request@vds.kolivas.org: ck Digest, Vol 3, Issue 16]

Ove Kaaven ovek at arcticnet.no
Wed Jan 12 13:04:33 CST 2005

ons, 12,.01.2005 kl. 12.01 -0600, skrev Jeremy White:
> Second, we did not synchronize Wine message times with X11
> message times properly.  Fixing that resolved some issues
> with Photoshop (and given that Ove reworked that patch into
> WineX the same day I submitted it, I'd guess it fixed some
> games too <grin>).

For the record, that went into WineX/Cedega internal CVS long before
that, and had already been in a Cedega release by that time. It just got
merged into external CVS where you could see it much later, since active
development is no longer done in the externally-visible CVS. As it
predated your patch by a large margin, it's in no way based on your
work; generally I don't even look at Wine and its patches anymore. The
game it fixed was City of Heroes (rubberbanding effect, where you would
snap back to where you were when you move, and also, mouse clicks were
registered erratically - sometimes as doubleclicks, sometimes not at
all), and the patch was written after consulting some helpful CoH
developers about the problem.

> Candidly, that's where I'm stuck.  I'm going to revisit a few
> of my 'problem' apps hopefully sometime this year and see if I can
> cobble together a hack that works best.  Ove, I haven't
> tried the signalling approach; that seems like an interesting idea.

Was planning on implementing something of the sort soon, haven't had
time yet.

> Sadly, short of asking the Linux guys to rewrite the Linux kernel
> scheduler to exactly mimic Windows behavior, I'm not really
> sure if there is a lot we can do to get this exactly right.

Could write a kernel patch and/or module ourselves too... but I don't
feel that's the way I would want to go anyway.

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