Palm OS Desktop & Wine

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Wed Jan 12 14:30:50 CST 2005

> > The palm Desktop
> > installer requires some playing with MSI, I don't remember exactly what I
> > did. Note that you can't run the Palm Desktop application, but you can
> > run hotsync.exe which is enought to get PDF files onto the palm.
> hotsync.exe: I guess you mean running the HotSync icon on the PDA.
No, it's an Win32 binary in the Palm Desktop install directory (usually C:
\program files\palm\) It's the "Hotsync Manager".
Of course you'll need the HotSync programs on the PalmOS side too.

> > No, it doesn't work with USB.
> OK that, it is clear.
Well, I didn't try, it might work but I don't think so. Especially because 
visor.c claims the device.

> Here I am lost: Sorry for that.
> Could you please explain me this a little more in detail. Should I use
> infrared connection or USB connection for what you just described (network
> sync with I do have pi-nredir & pilot-link on my linux laptop
> but I do not see what I should configure on my PDA. Moroever, which port
> should I provide to pi-nredir ? Could give me the right command to use for
> "pi-nredir" to install
> /mnt/cdrom/essential_software/acrobatreader_for_palmos/adobereader-palmos.e
>xe as example ?

A small step-for-step howto:
*Install Palm Desktop.

*install the Adobe Reader for PalmOS converter. This means running 
adobereader-palmos.exe with wine

*Launch hotsync.exe from the directory where Palm.exe is installed. You'll get 
the hotsync icon in your Desktop's systray

*Double-click it with the right mouse button. You'll always have to double 
click the hotsync icon to open the menu, I don't know why

*Select the "Setup..." menu item or whatever it is called. I have the German 
version and it's labeled "Einrichten..."

*Open the network tab, press "TCP/IP Settings". Check if the ip is correct and 
enter a correct subnet mask, e.g.

*Press OK to close the windows

*terminate any Linux app which might access the Palm. Connect the Palm to your 
PC with the USB cable

*Launch the Hotsync program on your PalmOS device

*Open the menu and select "LANSync-Setup" or what it's called. The german 
version labels it "LANSync-Einst..."

*Select LANSync and tab OK to close the dialog

*Start the Hotsync over the usb cable.

*Run pi-nredir -p /dev/pilot on your Computer 3 or 4 secounds later. The 
Hotsync dialog should pop up and the Device should perform a hotsync with the 
Win32 Palm Desktop.
(replace /dev/pilot with the hotsync port visor.c provides to you. 
Usually /dev/ttyUSBX or /dev/usb/tts/X)

To upload a pdf launch the pdf converter from it's install directory, and 
select the pdf file to upload. Then perform a hotsync.

I hope this is correct, I wrote it down from memory.


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