[COMCTL32] The use of the PGS_VERT flag

Paul Vriens paul.vriens at xs4all.nl
Thu Jan 13 00:36:20 CST 2005


the flag PGS_VERT is zero and should not be checked against. It's only the
lack of PGS_HORZ that should be checked.

Is the following piece of code needed in dll//comctl32/pager.c:

    851     if (!(dwStyle & PGS_HORZ) && !(dwStyle & PGS_VERT))
    852     {
    853         dwStyle |= PGS_VERT;
    854         SetWindowLongA(hwnd, GWL_STYLE, dwStyle);
    855     }

The check is whether any of the flags is set, but PGS_VERT is already the
default when there is a lack of PGS_HORZ.



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