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Paul Millar paulm at
Thu Jan 13 08:23:36 CST 2005

On Thursday 13 January 2005 13:40, Hans Leidekker wrote:
> On Wednesday 12 January 2005 22:12, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
> > If Paul can use Stefan's patch, then new builds can be
> > expected real soon, I guess.
> I've put a couple of new RPMs on my page:

OK, I've checked Hans' patches against Stefan's and found differences!  
I'm not a Windows person, so do these matter?

In uuid.c, only the one difference:
  From Stefan
  From Hans


In the msi.def, quite a few differences, picking one at random
  From Stefan
    +MsiCloseHandle at 4
  From Hans
    +MsiCloseHandle at 4 @8

I don't really want to spend lots of time merging patches, so could 
one set be defined as "correct", and I'll use them.




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