NOTIFY_PRE and NOTIFY_POST definitions in include files

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Thu Jan 13 11:33:09 CST 2005

Francois wrote:
> So I would say the correct values are the ones in npapi.h and that 
> netspi.h should be moved to dlls/mpr which is the only place where it is

> used. But this needs a bit more investigation.

I agree.  I would conjecture that netspi.h is old, and the declarations in
it have been superceded by those in npapi.h.  For example, the definitions

but those in npapi.h do.

The main use of netspi.h seems to be to declare the NPS functions defined
in mpr/nps.c.  These aren't documented on MSDN, but are exported by Win9x
versions of mpr.dll.  Anything that doesn't support these functions should
be deleted, and since it's not part of the PSDK, making it a private
header is fine, or just moving the required declarations to nps.c should
be fine too.


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