Code cleanup: SHFileOperationW

Robert Shearman rob at
Thu Jan 13 14:35:26 CST 2005

Mike McCormack wrote:

> Mike Hearn wrote:
>> Yes this looks good but for internal functions IMHO it's best to use
>> GNU style naming, eg:
>> static int file_operation_delete(...)
>> {
>> }
> SHELL_internal_function() is a better way to go, IMO.  It's already 
> the Wine convention,

An ugly convention. SHOUTING is not nice to read when using written 
communications and it is not nice to read in code.

> you can easily locate the function,

This convention is typically only used for static functions. You should 
know if you come across a function named like that then all you have to 
do is use your editor's search function to find the function in the file 
you're working in.

> and it helps make sure no two functions will be named the same thing. 

What is the problem with that?

> There's no reason to make a new convention just because you think the 
> old one is "ugly".

If the code makes me want to scratch my eyes out, I'm not likely to want 
to hack on it.


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