[ck] Re: Threading issues? [ck-request@vds.kolivas.org: ck Digest, Vol 3, Issue 16]

Con Kolivas kernel at kolivas.org
Thu Jan 13 23:33:16 CST 2005

Jeremy White wrote:
> Photoshop has a thread that runs that samples the mouse position every 5 
> ms;
> if it doesn't get it's samples in the right amount of time, you don't
> draw smooth curves.  (It may be a timer event callback routine,
> or a thread that is woken up by a timer event, I can't recall exactly atm).
> I suspect that if you start a heavy compile on a Windows box, Photoshop
> won't paint right, just as it wouldn't if you burdened the CPU on Linux.
> What we need to protect is the apples to apples case - when Photoshop
> is the only app using the CPU with Wine, it needs to draw smoothly, and 
> for that,
> it needs to know that the thread it has marked as super duper high
> priority will get run every 5 ms as it has requested.

Right. Well the tasks that sleep the most on linux get the lowest 
latency and the best cpu guarantees. Unless this same thread is also 
doing lots of cpu on linux it should work fine with 10ms granularity. 
However this sort of coding is so not-portable... but that's another 
issue. They never had portability in mind when they coded it.

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