Add WM_GETOBJECT definition, remove WM_OTHERWINDOWCREATED define

Robert North 7ownq0k402 at
Fri Jan 14 10:31:49 CST 2005

Dmitry Timoshkov |Wine Mailing Lists| wrote:

>  Hello,
>  Platform SDK defines WM_GETOBJECT as 0x003d and doesn't have a
>  message with value 0x003c at all. WM_GETOBJECT is used by Active
>  Accessibility to retrieve an interface pointer from a window.
>  Changelog: Dmitry Timoshkov <dmitry at> Add WM_GETOBJECT
>  definition, remove WM_OTHERWINDOWCREATED define.
>  diff -up cvs/hq/wine/include/winuser.h wine/include/winuser.h ---
>  cvs/hq/wine/include/winuser.h 2005-01-10 13:55:58.000000000 +0800 +++
>  wine/include/winuser.h 2005-01-14 16:23:38.000000000 +0800 @@ -985,8
>  +985,8 @@ BOOL WINAPI SetSysColors(INT,cons #define
>  WM_COMPAREITEM 0x0039 #define WM_TESTING 0x003a
>  -#define WM_OTHERWINDOWCREATED 0x003c -#define

I thought this removal looked a bit suspicious...
So, I did a quick google for WM_OTHERWINDOWCREATED
, and there seems to be a consensus that  these two messages are defined 
as follows:


What do you think?
Should google be trusted?

P.S. If yo do the google search, there's a link to a Russian windows 
internals book that
may shed further light on these methods.


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