Help debugging Fotowire

Mike Hearn mike at
Fri Jan 14 17:49:44 CST 2005

On Fri, 14 Jan 2005 23:31:54 +0200, Antti Mäkelä wrote:
>   The program starts with a wizard. The first dialog box says that the
> software wants to connect to Internet. When I click next, there is an
> quick "connecting to server - respond received" dialog box and then an
> error box with a message that says "erroneous response received - check
> your connection" and the program returns to the first screen.

You might want to run a packet sniffer like Ethereal on it to see what
it's doing on the network, failing that a +winsock,+wininet trace may be

I noticed these Fotowire guys have a Mac port. I wonder if they'd be
willing to do a Linux port. Hmm.

thanks -mike

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