[AppDB] new screenshot and image classes

Paul van Schayck polleke at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 13:32:41 CST 2005


On Sun, 16 Jan 2005 19:54:26 +0100, Jonathan Ernst
<Jonathan at ernstfamily.ch> wrote:
> The new screenshot code is much better. We'll have to make a script to
> go trough every old screenshot and create the thumbnails. Before I do
> the script, please check if the watermarking is nice enough or if we
> want another logo.

Before we apply this we should decide if we want a logo on top of our
full images. (Some input from non appdb workers would be nice). Right
now that would be this image:

This would be positioned in the bottom right corner of all images. Do
we want use this image. Or not any image at all. Maybe some text.


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