Wine scheduling and threading issues [was Re: Threading issues...]

Ingo Molnar mingo at
Sun Jan 16 17:04:25 CST 2005

* Con Kolivas <kernel at> wrote:

> I posted a patch for SCHED_BOUND to do just such a thing to the linux
> kernel mailing list 2 months ago. Noone responded so I didn't pursue
> it.

another option would be to allow a certain range of negative nice levels
for unprivileged users.

It would be nice if someone with a proper Wine test-setup could check
whether _negative_ renicing of highprio Windows threads solves the
scheduling problems. In fact you could even try to map Windows
priorities (16 levels available to nonprivileged users?) to the nice
range of -7...+7, and run the test as root so that the renicing


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