WineHQ:winetest: produce valid HTML

Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Mon Jan 17 04:30:53 CST 2005

Jakob Eriksson <jakov at> writes:

> Ferenc Wagner wrote:
>> What makes you think I've got one?  It should be *you*
>> who speak up and tell what information/presentation is
>> need for the best and easiest use.
> I would prefer to have all failed tests at the top, so one
> could see easily which ones need to be fixed.

Not being an addition but a change, I'd like to hear others'
opinion on this matter.  My personal feeling is that losing
alphabetical ordering on test names isn't worth it, as color
monitors are fairly common nowadays.  So vote for the change!

> It would also be nice if the author of a test got an email
> whenever a test failed.

Finding out the author of a test isn't easy, it requires
some digging into CVS.  On the other hand, I'd choose an
opt-in method instead.  But it's a separate project anyway,
the present machinery has pretty much nothing to facilitate
this.  The summary.txt files are easy to parse and available
by HTTP, so one could use them to get the figures.

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