Help debugging Fotowire

Mike Hearn mike at
Mon Jan 17 12:00:38 CST 2005

On Sun, 16 Jan 2005 23:00:42 +0200, Antti Mäkelä wrote:
>   Without any debugs and native oleaut32 I now get:
> bash-2.05b$ wine fwprint
> fixme:ole:StdMarshalImpl_MarshalInterface table marshalling unimplemented
> fixme:time:GetCalendarInfoA (00000409,00000001,20000030,(nil),0,0x77a6c718):
> quarter-stub
> fixme:time:GetCalendarInfoW (00000409,00000001,20000030,(nil),0,0x77a6c718):
> quarter-stub

I'm not sure. Your best bet is to try calling the functions in your own
mini test programs in the same way that Fotowire does until you find
something that doesn't work right.

thanks -mike

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