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Paul Millar paulm at
Mon Jan 17 15:38:23 CST 2005

On Monday 17 January 2005 11:30, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
> Jakob Eriksson <jakov at> writes:
> > I would prefer to have all failed tests at the top, so one
> > could see easily which ones need to be fixed.
> Not being an addition but a change, I'd like to hear others'
> opinion on this matter.  My personal feeling is that losing
> alphabetical ordering on test names isn't worth it, as color
> monitors are fairly common nowadays.  So vote for the change!

I'd vote for tests staying in the same relative position from run to 
run (be that alphabetical or whatever).

> > It would also be nice if the author of a test got an email
> > whenever a test failed.
> Finding out the author of a test isn't easy, it requires
> some digging into CVS.  On the other hand, I'd choose an
> opt-in method instead.  But it's a separate project anyway,
> the present machinery has pretty much nothing to facilitate
> this.  The summary.txt files are easy to parse and available
> by HTTP, so one could use them to get the figures.

One possibility is to send an email to the wine-devel list when 
something breaks (but only the one!).

There were mixed reactions to this, for WRT, so I filtered all the 
emails and double-checked before forwarding them.

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