[AppDB] new screenshot and image classes

Jonathan Ernst Jonathan at ErnstFamily.ch
Mon Jan 17 16:42:37 CST 2005

The live server doesn't have GD, can you do something about it Paul
(imagemagick or GD 1.x) ?

If yes, can you resend when fixed:

1)My thumbs.php script
Re: [AppDB] new screenshot and image
Sun, 16 Jan 2005 21:39:03 +0100

2) The patch
[AppDB] fixed: new screenshot and
image classes
Sun, 16 Jan 2005 21:36:15 +0100

I'd gladly do it myself but I think you are much more experienced than
me regarding image manipulation.

FYI Here is the IRC log:

(23:15:49) laxdragon: jernst: no joy, in order to support GD 2.0, I will
need to rebuild php. I'm not willing to do that at the moment.
(23:16:17) laxdragon: damn red hat 9 is soooo out of date.
(23:33:02) jernst: laxdragon: to rebuild php I just do emerge php ;-). 
(23:33:18) jernst: laxdragon: so what's the solution now ? do we use
crappy resizing functions ?
(23:33:25) jernst: laxdragon: do you have imagemagick instead ?
(23:34:10) laxdragon: jernst: if this were debian it wouldn't have been
a problem ayway. We set this up with Red Hat back when we though using a
red hat support contract was a good idea.
(23:34:29) laxdragon: jernst: yes, that is installed.
(23:35:04) jernst: laxdragon: when you say you don't want to make that
at the moment, it means you won't do it anytime soon ? Or you mean
you'll do it later this month ?
(23:35:51) laxdragon: jernst: I have plans to swith the server over to
debian, but until then, I'm not doing any major changes on that box.
(23:36:07) jernst: laxdragon: ok I'll ask Polleke if he can rewrite his
image functions using either GD 1 or imagemagick
(23:36:12) laxdragon: this is why I want WineHQ on its own box, I don't
have time to do this right now.
(23:36:43) laxdragon: if it didn't effect the codeweavers site, I
wouldn't care.
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