MPR: remove netspi.h

Mike McCormack mike at
Mon Jan 17 20:58:00 CST 2005

Juan Lang wrote:

> For what reason, for documentation?  Several of its declarations conflict
> with those in npapi.h, so it's potentially problematic.  If it's not part
> of the PSDK, winelib users shouldn't need it to compile, or should expect
> to have to install the DDK if they need the prototypes, yes?

To me, Wine feels like documentation of how Windows works, not just a 
rehash of the platform SDK.  Removing documentation seems to be a step 
in the wrong direction.

If somebody wanted to use netspi.h again (ie. for non-Wine purposes) 
they could just pull it from dlls/mpr, rather than extract the 
definitions from a C source file.

> If you think it's a better approach I can rename all the conflicting
> types, and document why the typenames don't match the expected ones.

I'm not exactly sure why we need to rename the types... if we consider 
it a private include file, then problems only happen if we include 
another file with the same definitions, don't they?


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