Tom twickline at
Tue Jan 18 01:44:09 CST 2005

Vincent Béron wrote:
> Le lun 17/01/2005 à 04:40, Joachim von Thadden a écrit :
>>I am maintainer of the new WineTools package. As it is related on
>> under "3rd Party Tools" I want you
>>do know that the text has to be changed, as Frank discontinued
>>development for WineTools since a long time.
>>The text should be now:
>>WineTools  is a menu driven installer for installing Windows programs
>>under Linux written by Joachim von Thadden.  This software lets you
>>install the following Windows software: DCOM98, IE6, Windows Core Fonts,
>>Windows System Software, Office & Office Viewer, Adobe Photoshop 7,
>>Illustrator 9 and many other programs. 
> "Written by" or "maintained by"? I thought Frank wrote it in the
> beginning...

You will see in the patch that I sent:

I removed "under Linux written by Joachim von Thadden"

As I had the exact same thoughts!


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