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Wed Jan 19 00:23:21 CST 2005

Joachim von Thadden wrote:

> Since the first release one December 20, 2004 there have been more than
> 20.000 downloads. So I think there are many people interested in running
> Windows apps in Wine, but so many don't know how to do it. And yes,
> there are many who can not follow a HowTo or get proper results by
> googling and trying. For them is WineTools.
> Regards
> 	Joachim


I just visited your site and looked over everything that you provide.
I would only ask that you provide a link from your site to the
Wine Party Fund:

Or add a "Donate to Wine" with the ppdonate.png
and have it linked to our PayPal account..

Why am I asking for this?

Maybe this will help us to have a WineConf each year,
and help some developers who may need a little help on there
travel expences....



Tom Wickline
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