compiling test.idl with dceidl - bit lairy and archaic

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Jan 19 18:24:16 CST 2005


rather than doing what i _was_ going to do, which was to #define
rpc_string_binding_compose to RpcStringBindingCompose, would you
agree that the task is basically instead to define a whole
stack of boring functions which map one to t'other?

it may even be possible to take the function prototypes of one
set of code, and write a short program in python [i xxxxing hate
perl] which spews forth redirects.

if that approach was taken, i'd recommend utilising the
FreeDCE codebase to "read" from as a) it is more complete b)
it's highly - read formally - structured, as the people that
wrote it were extremely thorough, competent, proud to be doing
what they did, and my guess is that they also knew damn well
that there were some people with Big Sticks looking over
their shoulder who wanted _really_ good documentation and high
code quality.

i'd hazard a guess that that'd at least get 50% of the work completed.

if you're not focussing 100% on the "type format string"s yet then i'd
say it was more like 70%-75% of the work completed [automated].

the tricky bits would be if microsoft changed any of the data
structures, such that #define msrpc_blah dcerpc_blah would fail


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