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Oliver Stieber oliver_stieber at
Wed Jan 19 19:31:49 CST 2005

I've just sent some patches to patches that are enough
to get Pirates running.

Installing pirates...
Pirates uses a MSI installer, I had to 

Set winver to win98.
When prompted about directX 9 say no. (or yes if you
really want to).
If you get an OLE error make a note and try again, I
managed to install on the forth attempt.

Then to run Pirates you need to...
Turn pixel shaders off
Turn shadows off. 
or you get missing textures.

I'd also suggest turning down the detail (just
incase), but it doesn't seem to matter that much.

The problems I've come across so far are:
Memory issues: Unknown cause as yet.

When visiting the Governor only a section of the
screen fades in and out, this is caused by a viewport
larger than the window not being handled correctly.

Sometimes textures on models like the docks don't
render properly.

Sometimes the textures are the wrong way around or
wrapped incorrectly, this may be the same problem as

I get 7-12 FPS in sailing, everything else is a lot
quicker (upto 70fps).

AMD 2000+ 512MB Ram  ATI-9600.

I've tried a few other Direct x 9 games but I
generally can't get passed the installer (using wine
or cegeda).

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