compiling test.idl with dceidl - bit lairy and archaic

Wez Furlong wez at
Wed Jan 19 18:30:48 CST 2005

 From what I remember, it was mapping the APIs one way or the other.
I'm fairly sure I saw it somewhere among one of the two or three forks 
of jim's freedce package that I merged to build the project.  I 
don't see it there now... I wonder where it went. (I think it was 
referenced by a (the?) demo).


Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 19, 2005 at 07:11:03PM -0500, Wez Furlong wrote:
>>IIRC, there is a header file somewhere (on windows?) that maps from 
>>MS-DCE-RPC to regular-DCE-RPC. (or the other way around?)
>  yes.  i saw it somewhere, five years ago.
>  it'd cover the data structures, but not the function calls.
>  ... *blink*...
>  or would it?  is it _that_ well structured such that a simple
>  _macro_ would do the job????
>  what you reckon, wez?

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