Running dxdiag

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Thu Jan 20 10:32:21 CST 2005

Hi Mike,

> Dumping the headers is necessary for stupid installers that map DLL
> manually and rummage around in the headers to figure out versions and
> stuff ... simply having an empty file isn't enough for all of them I'm
> afraid :(

This isn't enough for new installers, either :(  I have an MSI-based
InstallShield installer that's looking for shdocvw.dll to see if IE6 is
installed.  (It isn't, but that's how it's looking for it.)

Trouble is, how would this work with the native/builtin thing?  Right now
all our builtins don't live in the system directory, so we can always
override whatever native dll happens to get dropped there.  If we put a
little stub PE header in there, what's to stop an installer from
overwriting it?  Or, would this cause a problem?


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