Running dxdiag

Mike Hearn mike at
Thu Jan 20 10:38:50 CST 2005

Juan Lang wrote:
> This isn't enough for new installers, either :(  I have an MSI-based
> InstallShield installer that's looking for shdocvw.dll to see if IE6 is
> installed.  (It isn't, but that's how it's looking for it.)
> Trouble is, how would this work with the native/builtin thing?  Right now
> all our builtins don't live in the system directory, so we can always
> override whatever native dll happens to get dropped there.  If we put a
> little stub PE header in there, what's to stop an installer from
> overwriting it?  Or, would this cause a problem?

Well, if the little stub is overwritten by a correct native DLL then 
there is no problem at all. If some install overwrites it with an older 
version than what apps expect (or Wine provides) then that might be a 
problem, but that's just the generic DLL Hell the windows library design 

thanka -mike

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