RpcImpersonateClient (and ImpersonateNamedPipeClient)

Juan Lang juan_lang at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 20 11:08:27 CST 2005

Hi Luke, you said:
> that's where you'd need the cooperation of samba / samba tng:
> it's got "SIDs" behind it, and "SIDs" means a SAMR server
> and a NETLOGON server and an LSARPC server (and in the
> case of windows 2000 interoperability, access to an Active
> Directory Server).

Another possibility is that we implement our own version of a SAM.  Right
now we just return a fake Administrator SID every time we're asked for
one.  But if we absolutely needed to, we could implement a local version
and it needn't even be a separate process.  The NT SAM registry is pretty
well reverse engineered here:

> you can always still implement RpcImpersonateClient as a stub.

Yah.  I think that's more likely than that we go whole-hog on it.  From
experience, it's often more important to get things like parameters and
error codes just the way Windows programs expect than it is to make a
function "really work."  By implementing a stubbed or local-only version,
we can figure out all this stuff, and maybe make a full-blown version

and later,
> it _does_ mean careful design because i doubt very much whether people
> will be happy to have samba tng as a dependency on Wine.

Agreed.  The focus for the Wine folks is generally, does this get my app
to work?  Unless it's fixing an app, not too many folks are likely to get
real excited by anything.

Feel free to point out what we've been missing.  Patches speak louder than
anything here :)


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