Problems starting regedit without a .wine directory

Michael Jung mjung at
Fri Jan 21 05:05:41 CST 2005


if I start regedit on the current cvs version of wine without having a .wine 
directory in the users home directory I get the following console output: 

mjung at denkbrett:~$ rm -rf .wine
mjung at denkbrett:~$ regedit
wine: creating configuration directory '/home/mjung/.wine'...
fixme:advapi:CheckTokenMembership (0x58 0x77c81810 0x77a3d474) stub!
fixme:actctx:QueryActCtxW stub!
disabling TCL support
disabling TCL support
fixme:advapi:CheckTokenMembership (0x54 0x77c8e1c0 0x77a3d3ec) stub!
fixme:actctx:QueryActCtxW stub!
wine: '/home/mjung/.wine' created successfully.
fixme:advapi:CheckTokenMembership (0x54 0x77c4c148 0x77a1f8e4) stub!
fixme:actctx:QueryActCtxW stub!
err:win:CreateWindowExA bad class name "SysTreeView32"
err:win:CreateWindowExA bad class name "SysListView32"
err:win:CreateWindowExA bad class name "msctls_statusbar32"

The regedit window is displayed, but the treeview- and listview-panes as well 
as the statusbar are not displayed (which seems reasonable given the last 
three log message). Did anybody else make these observations? 

Michael Jung
mjung at

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