Wine/Winelib for Visual Basic 6.0 Users?

Ira Krakow ikrakow_1999 at
Sat Jan 22 01:43:59 CST 2005

I'm writing the Winelib part of the book.  The main
audience is Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 users.  I can
define a development environment for both MFC and
non-MFC users, since it is well documented already.

I was wondering - I'd like to include a section for
Visual Basic 6.0 users.  Beyond running the .EXEs in
Wine, is it possible to use Winelib to convert VB6.0
apps?  How does it differ from the VC++ environment? 
There's a _lot_ of VB6 code out there.  Attracting
these developers will help the Wine project (and sales
of our book) tremendously.

Thanks for your input.

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