WineConf 2005: hotel info

Brian Vincent brian.vincent at
Sat Jan 22 23:08:45 CST 2005

Earlier I added hotel info to the WineConf pages:

Here's what you need to know:
 - we have 50 rooms reserved for Fri and Sat night, we have some on
Thursday and Monday night too.  I'll drink bier with anyone arriving
early or staying late.
 - 81 EUR for 2 nights
 - you have to send an email to the address on the web page to reserve
a room, note the "keyword"
 - first come, first served, reservations must be made by March 29th
 - did I mention RSVP'ing on WineHQ as well?  Link:

Thanks goes out to Hans-Ulrich Schmid (WRS) and Ulrich Gemkow
(University of Stuttgart) for getting together and figuring this out.


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