Simple web based presentation system useful for WineConf

Mike Hearn mh at
Sun Jan 23 07:09:40 CST 2005


With the spring comes WineConf 2005, and perhaps some interesting
presentations by people. Last time I went to WineConf I was asked to
write a mini presentation to show newbies what Wine hacking was all

In the end, there weren't many non-Wine developers there (which is what
you'd expect, really) so we just had a discussion about how to reduce
the learning curve instead. In retrospect that was far more interesting
and useful than any presentation I could have done.

Nonetheless, that presentation was there and when I wrote it, I also
wrote a little XSL transform for slide shows. That's because I don't
like PowerPoint that much, especially I don't like how sucky its web
export is and slideshows are good to put on the web.

So here is the presentation itself:

Just load it into a web browser like Mozilla or even IE6 (konq doesn't
support xslt, sorry). As you can see it's nicely Wine themed :)

Here is the transform if you want to use the same presentation system

Just look at the source code of presentation.xml to see how to use it.

I'm hoping we'll have a similar mix for this years Wineconf as last year
- Lionels OpenGL/games presentation in particular was interesting, but I
think the mix of discussion and presentations was good.

One problem with presentations is that they tend to be in quite
specialist areas, eg a DCOM presentation wouldn't be all that useful
because there aren't many people working on it. So I think a bias more
towards discussion of process and project organisation, things like
that, would be more useful.

That's just my humble opinion of course ;)

thanks -mike

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