Recruit regression testers?

tony_lambregts at tony_lambregts at
Sun Jan 23 22:16:41 CST 2005

Ivan Leo Puoti wrote:
> I think quite a few regressions get into releases, and while a few a 
> tracked down
> some stay in the code for months if not years (I've heard of at least 
> one game that
> worked some 2 years ago but doesn't now), while regression testing may 
> seem trivial
> to a developer, it can be a challenging task for most users, especially 
> if they are new to wine/Linux.
> So maybe we should recruit some people to get regression reports from 
> users, find the
> patch that caused the regression, and report back to developers.
> Am I just to tired at time of writing or could this be a good idea?

Well that is one of the responsibilitys of an application maintainer. I know 
that Myst is one of those apps that worked for years and then stopped working 
about a year ago. I have tried to regression test it, and so has Duane Clark. At 
issue here is that so much time has gone by that there are/were multiple 
regressions that interfere with actually finding the problem. I am certain that 
if I had caught the regression(s) early it would still be working today. With 
that in mind I think recruiting additional maintainers for the AppDB should be 
of utmost priority.


Tony Lambregts

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