Compiling the MFC using Winelib

Boaz Harrosh boaz at
Mon Jan 24 10:44:32 CST 2005

Brian Vincent wrote:

>On Sat, 22 Jan 2005 13:19:35 -0800, Dan Dennison <dand at> wrote:
>>Are there resources available beyond simple compilation tips to assist in
>>the building of the MFC library under Winelib?
>Excellent.  Also, does anyone know the (US) legal aspects of this?  Is
>there a EULA that prevents it or doesn't prevent it?  Is
>redistributrion allowed in any way?  Bonus points for figuring out
>what countries it's legal or not legal to do so in.
I checked it out. Actually I had some e-conversation with the MSVC 
project manager.
To put it as simple as possible: You can publish any using code as you 
wish. You can look at sites like Codeproject and Codeguru. They have 
lots of MFC/ATL related code freely on the net.
You cannot however publish any MFC or ATL code or fixed code. We had a 
discussion about DIFF files and he was not sure about them, has he is 
not a legal professional. So he said I'll have to get in touch with the 
Legal department at MS - Which I did not. A lawyer friend told me that 
DIFF files are problematic since in the "-" statements and surrounding 
code is actual MFC code that is IP of MS. A binary patcher would be 
better for that. However it is definitely aloud in the EULA that I send 
you a DIFF file if you are a legal owner of MFC (MSVC++) and I am 
employed by you (Part of your team). But my lawyer friend said that if 
put to court. Then It is better I had proof that you paid me for that 
work. (Even something trivial).
So in short Derived work (ala Codeguru) is allowed and recommended. 
Actual MFC even changed MFC is not. It is, if it is for me and I'm a 
legal owner of an MSVC++, for any purpose on any platform.

Needless to say, that they where not Interested in the patches I had for 
ATL that makes it compatible for other compilers. And is perfectly good 
also for MSVC++ compilers. My reasoning was that this way ATL can be 
used for COM/DCOM servers that run on other platforms (Mainframes to 
embedded systems). His answer was: that they have support for all these 
platforms as WINCE and Win/U and special MS partners. (Which is not 
true) Win/U has a special version of MFC but they do not, or can, 
compile ATL/WTL, for all of the same reasons, MSVCsim .

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