user32/tests/sysparams.c question

Paul Vriens Paul.Vriens at
Mon Jan 24 14:02:17 CST 2005


just installed winrash on my win98 box and saw some output from the test
on the web. I just had a look at the sysparams.c test for

On my standard Win98 SE box this registry key is not available and the
tests complains about that. The bad thing though is that the registry
key is created and second time the test runs it succeeds of course.

Shouldn't every call:

rc=SystemParametersInfoA( SPI_FOO, 0, &old_b, 0 );

be followed by a:

if (rc==0 && (GetLastError()==0 ||

instead of:

ok(rc!=0,"SystemParametersInfoA: rc=%d err=%ld\n",rc,GetLastError());

The 'big problem' right now will be that every volunteer will have some
registry keys created if the key didn't exist before and we don't know
what default installations have. Not good for documentation purposes.

I will send a patch for ICONTITLEWRAP.



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