Petzold Programming Windows Fifth Edition Section 1 Regression Tests

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Mon Jan 24 14:37:09 CST 2005

On Mon, 24 Jan 2005, Ira Krakow wrote:
> Chapter 3:  HelloWin.c   Could not compile because
> PlaySoundA was not found.

That's because winemaker does not know that HelloWin needs to be linked 
with winmm.dll. So you need to edit the Makefile to add 'winmm' to 

> Chapter 5:  SineWave.c  at runtime, after sine wave
> displays OK and window is dismissed, get messages:
> err:dc:DCE_FreeWindowDCE [0x50030] GetDC() without
> ReleaseDC!
> I rerun and get a variable number of the messages, and
> the address inside the brackets [] changes.

This is a bug in the sample. You need to apply the Fifth edition's 

> Clover.c    Draws the clover regions initially OK, but
> does not redraw when the user resizes the window.
> Note:  The resizing works in Windows XP when compiled
> with Visual C++ 6.0.

Interesting. It seems to correspond to what I noticed ages ago:

I don't remember the other issues but some seem to correspond to issues 
I had noticed:

Does it mean that Wine did not make that much progress in all this time? 

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