Summary of MSRPC / DCE/RPC interoperability / Applicability of FreeDCE for Wine (DCOM)

Mike McCormack mike at
Mon Jan 24 22:29:03 CST 2005

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> hi, in case you looked at the number of emails exchanged on FreeDCE
> and freaked out, here's a summary.  if you feel that there are any
> relevant points missing or incorrect, please _do_ speak up.

There's only one thing that counts for Wine, and that is patches that 
improve Wine.  A grand scheme is nice, but it means nothing without patches.

And each patch should improve something and make Wine work better in its 
own right.  Set low goals for each patch. Having something working now 
is more valuable than having a chance at having something work in the 

Look forward to seeing your nice incremental improvements, submitted as 
bite sized patches to wine-patches.


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