[user32/tests/sysparams.c] Check for availability of SPI_GETICONTITLEWRAP

Paul Vriens Paul.Vriens at xs4all.nl
Tue Jan 25 00:54:43 CST 2005

On Tue, 2005-01-25 at 05:29, jchevrier at nexicom.net wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > SPI_{GET,SET}ICONTITLEWRAP is not implemented on a standard Win98 SE.
> > 
> > Changelog
> >  Check for availability of SPI_GETICONTITLEWRAP
> > 
> > Cheers,
> > 
> > Paul.
> Hi Paul,
> I agree we definately should not be leaving keys/values in user's registries 
> that weren't there originally after the test has been run. Ideally all should 
> be returned to exactly the way it was before the test was run. Unfortunately 
> this patch won't correct the issue. This patch implies that 
> SPI_{GET,SET}ICONTITLEWRAP is not a supported call on Win98 which it is. As a 
> result it will always pass and the registry will still get a new value added. 
> Try the following patch. It was just put together quickly and only covers 
> this one test, but testing here shows it does stop a new value from being 
> added if it did not exist to begin with. I would like to create something 
> that covers the entire sysparams suite of tests to stop this across the 
> board.
> Thanks for the heads up on this!
> Justin
Hi Justin,

it appears we should do both then? If I put in an extra trace:

    trace("testing SPI_{GET,SET}ICONTITLEWRAP\n");
    rc=SystemParametersInfoA( SPI_GETICONTITLEWRAP, 0, &old_b, 0 );
    trace("rc=%d err=%ld\n",rc,GetLastError());

the result on my Win98 box is:

sysparams.c:693:testing SPI_{GET,SET}ICONTITLEWRAP
sysparams.c:695:rc=1 err=120


I installed Win98SE from the CD and just ran Windows Update.



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