[user32/tests/sysparams.c] Check for availability of SPI_GETICONTITLEWRAP

Paul Vriens paul.vriens at xs4all.nl
Wed Jan 26 00:27:44 CST 2005

>>jchevrier at nexicom.net wrote:
> It appears that for whatever reason that call isn't implemented there. I
> did a clean install of Windows 98SE here from CD to make sure my install
> wasn't tainted and the test passes fine (save for the non existant
> Registry value). I have not done any updates through Windows update

But that's exactly what's wrong. The current test doesn't check if the
call is implemented. It then tries to read the entry (which is not there)
and creates one afterwards. All subsequent test will succeed now, because
the implementation is not checked and the key is left there.

Just add a trace after the call as I did to check if the call is implemented.

> however and it is as it was installed from the CD. Maybe this call was
> removed by some of the updates? I find that odd tho. I'm just taking
> wide guesses now but is it an English (North American) version of
> Windows? Colour depth?
> I'll do the updates through Windows Updates next and see if that changes
> anything. Did you just do critical updates?


> Justin

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