more d3d9

Oliver Stieber oliver_stieber at
Wed Jan 26 08:17:09 CST 2005

I've been tinkering for a week or so and D3d9 is
almost their (well except for shaders)

Along with Pirates I can now run Axis and Alies and
Myst4 is looking promising

Most of the demos from here
Swap Chains only runs in one window, Shadow Volume is
still a very flaky and some of the textures have
strange offsets, but everything runs.

Apart from the slightly bad texture offsets wine
should be able to run more DirectX 9 applications than
Cedega if only I could get them installed!

I'm going to do some more debugging, cleaning up and 
post some screenshots on a web site and start sending
patches against head (in smaller chunks that the last

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