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Wed Jan 26 10:05:37 CST 2005

Scott Ritchie wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-01-25 at 22:28 +0100, Jonathan Ernst wrote:
>>Le mardi 25 janvier 2005 à 21:13 +0100, Michael Drüing a écrit :
>>>Here's something I noticed when I last wanted to find some info in the
>>>AppDB. Browsing through the database is really well organized, but what I
>>>find a bit confusing was the "Rating with Windows" and "Rating without
>>>Windows" graphs in the version-overview of some application. What do 3 or 4
>>>stars there really mean? Do users like this app? use this app? Or does it
>>>have to do with how well the app runs under Wine? If so, then why is there a
>>>"rating with Windows" at all? Normally you already know/use the app you are
>>>looking for, and if not, you'd select an app by how well it runs in wine,
>>>right? So either way, you don't really care for a "Rating with Windows" (at
>>>least I dont ;-)
>>"Rating with Windows" mean rating when using a real windows partition.
>>This rating might have good reasons to be here in the past (when most
>>apps needed many native dlls) but is now regarded as a bad feature by
>>some of AppDB hackers. Maybe some other readers here can say what they
>>think about the removal of this feature ?
> It should be removed, and if we are going to replace it, it should be
> "rating with custom DLLs" or something like that.  That way we can
> indicate if it requires something like native DCOM to run.

That is an idea.  hum..

> Also, I eagerly anticipate the maintainer ratings patches, as those will
> be much more important for getting useful information about how well a
> program works than the voting.
The maintainer rating system is in place already. Only the index page (Supported 
Apps) remains to be redone and I personally would like to see maintainers for 
the remaining apps there before we change it. What else is missing that you are 
you looking foward to?


Tony Lambregts

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