Disable antialiasing in palette mode (updated)

Glenn Wurster gwurster at scs.carleton.ca
Wed Jan 26 10:49:46 CST 2005

> I'm just a peon but wouldn't it be better for the ReactOS project if
> you put the code in gdi instead?

I tried that and sent a patch in, but it required a function prototype
change on every ExtTextOut driver function.  It looked ulgy to me, and
(suprise) it was not accepted.  If someone can give me a hint on how
to do it without requiring a function arguments change (or if I can
get more feedback about what the most clean way of changing function
prototypes is), then I'd be glad to put it in the gdi code.  Right
now, this is the most clean way of doing it that I know of.

> They have to solve it someplace else anyway, since they don't have x11drv.



> >This patch disables antialiasing when a palette is involved.  You've
> >seen this before in previous incarnations.  The docs specify to
> >disable antialiasing and I've got an application which depends on
> >antialiasing being disabled.  I've tried putting the change in the gdi
> >code, as well as in the x11drv code.  I think it looks cleaner in the
> >x11drv code (no change to function prototypes) so that's where this
> >attempts to put it (with the caching split off into a different patch
> >this time).

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