Does wine have a posix threads "emulation" with which TRY/EXCEPT/CATCH will work?

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Jan 26 14:19:00 CST 2005


i would like to check something which, if it is the case,
may make porting FreeDCE to wine a no-brainer.

i notice that there exists pthread emulation in Wine: it
says so at the top of wine/dlls/kernel/pthread.c

can i therefore expect the following things:

1) the attached test program to compile and work under wine,
with a few macros and/or simple wrapper functions e.g. redirect
RAISE to RaiseException?

2) a program that uses posix threads to also at the same time
be able to use Wine Exception routines/macros, try/except/catch?

... wouldn't it be ironic if Wine's pthreads emulation turned
out to provide exactly the posix draft 4 threading semantics
that FreeDCE programs expect?


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