NPTL and Wine threads

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Jan 26 16:19:29 CST 2005

it's come to my attention that NPTL cannot cope with jumping out
of a cancellation handler.

i thought you might like to be made aware of this in case you weren't
already because this has been discovered to have an impact on the way
that FreeDCE operates.

there is some code in FreeDCE which expects to be able to jump out
of a cancellation handler: i noticed in the "exception" comments that
whilst it is not okay to do a "goto" from inside a TRY block, it says
it's okay to do that in the EXCEPT block.

you may wish to double-check this when running Wine under NPTL, and if
it doesn't work please bitch like hell at the designers of NPTL for me
because it's needed for FreeDCE as well.



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