[winecfg] Show detected audio systems, and offer selection

Chris Morgan chmorgan at charter.net
Thu Jan 27 12:46:42 CST 2005

> So just keep the Audio tab and remove the autodetect button. Or keep
> it all the same. But that would bring us back to the original
> question. How should we handle multiple detected audio systems?
> I think removing the auto detect would the best solution.

If we store a list of drivers to autodetect in the registry we can search this list on wine startup for the first working one.  Maybe winecfg can provide an interface to this list?

Its probably not very likely that users will run multiple high level audio systems at the same time but this should let those users work around wine detecting and using the wrong one.  Although as long as we can output sound through a given interface it isn't really the wrong interface...


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